Friday, December 13, 2013

Finding Leaves

         "Naked but safe, 2010"

Finding Leaves

I have found your mad ravings beautiful. The frantic
Running towards nothing and naming it
Love. The first leaf fell and I wish I could apologize
For its failure to hold on as the days grew cooler.
There was a time when I could think of little else, just the simple
Rebukes of lost letters and moments that time loosened. 
These have brought autumn quickly. 

A blackbird fell on the street today. I did not wake to see it, but I knew it 
was there. A time piece, an ancient bleeding, a solid ring of missing pieces.
I threw it a flower and slipped on my coat. 
We walk to recognize the movement, we kiss to recognize living. The cling
Of bodies or hands. 

I would like to join a cloudy day in winter, moving
Ever so slowly in the weathers uncertainty, unnoticed
In my drifting suit of smoke. I would hold the bird
Dressed in black, never letting her plummet. It is in the darkness of day that I remember
You, and I long to be a simple object
In your home, that I may always be near. 

In the lightness of evening I am just myself. Not alone,
But on the metro with a sandwich and you, headed 
Out to watch the clouds in a park on the industrial side of town.
A funny thing, there in in the center of factories, a patch of grass
Guarded by iron
Machines, a slope and a bench. It is just like the one we found
So many years ago. A space
Enough for two bodies. 

You would be a silly old man, and I a silly old woman. 
We never did anything spectacular, I never changed
The world like I said I would, but in the squeeze of your hand id remember
That it is rare for one to notice the movement 
Of clouds.

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